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Employee benefits and fair value measurement

9 March 2022 | Warsaw or Online Live

Price: 590 zł net

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For whom

Training for representatives of accounting services: financial directors, chief accountants, specialists responsible for remuneration, capital and valuation of financial instruments, as well as for HR employees responsible for bonus programs and remuneration of managers.

Goals and Benefits

Year by year, incentive and bonus programs based on the value of shares are becoming more and more willingly used by employers. Such programs allow for increasing work efficiency and proper targeting of employees' efforts by linking the amount of earned remuneration with the company's value.
The multitude of different types of employee programs and instruments used to pay employee bonuses means that companies may face difficulties in choosing a program tailored to their needs and with their proper recognition in the books.
During the training you will learn how to account for employee bonus programs based on shares in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and what are the financial and accounting implications of different types of variable remuneration programs and the instruments used in them.
During the training:
  • You will learn about the financial and accounting effects of bonus programs using financial instruments
  • You will learn the types of stocks, derivatives and synthetic instruments used in employee bonus programs
  • Understand how and when to account for share-based payment plans in accordance with IFRS 2 - Share-based Payments and IAS 19 - Employee Benefits
  • You will learn when bonus programs should be recognized as liabilities of the company, and when in its capital
  • You will learn about the approaches to the valuation of instruments and liabilities arising from the creation of employee bonus programs
  • You will learn how to recognize bonus programs in capital groups


Employee benefits
  • Short-term employee benefits, including:
    • Bonuses and bonuses
    • Provisions for unused holidays
  • Post-employment benefits:
    • Defined contribution plans and
    • Defined benefit plans
  • Termination benefits
  • Other long-term employee benefits, including:
    • Anniversary awards
Fair value measurement
  • Definition of fair value and related terms
  • Primary and most profitable market
  • Transaction costs and transportation costs
  • The largest and best use of a non-financial asset
  • Valuation techniques
  • Fair value hierarchy

Date and place

9 March 2022 | Warsaw or Online Live


Maciej Kocon
A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (finance and banking), Aarhus School of Business (M.Sc. in Finance and International Business) and EDHEC Business School (Certificate in Finance).
He has 12 years of experience in the consulting department of one of the "Big Four" companies. He has provided audit and advisory services for financial sector institutions and corporations in the field of financial risk management - market liquidity - and regulatory risk. He also worked at a large universal bank, where he was involved in the sale and development of deposit and treasury services for corporate clients.
He specializes in projects related to the use of financial instruments in the practice of financial risk management, accounting of financial instruments in accordance with IFRS and Polish accounting regulations, and projects related to treasury activities. For many years, he has successfully conducted training in accounting for financial instruments, financial risk management and financial sector regulation.
Michał Błeszyński FCCA, CIA Manager
A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management at the Wrocław University of Technology. He is a statutory auditor, has CIA (Certifed Internal Auditor) qualifications and is a member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). For five years he worked in the audit department of Ernst & Young and was responsible for auditing financial statements of mainly manufacturing companies as well as capital groups operating on the real estate market. He also participated in training new employees of the audit department in the scope of performing external audit tasks. Since 2008, he has been working as a trainer at the EY Academy of Business, where he specializes in International Financial Reporting Standards, management accounting and internal audit.
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