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Introduction to the Agile Mindset

13-14 December 2021

Agile is the hot topic across companies from small video game studios to the largest financial institutions, because it helps them to serve their customers better, quicker and with all the added benefit of more loyal and motivated empoyees. But while everyone sees it as a „silver bullet” to solve all of their problems, the effort to use it usually stops at „run daily standup meetings”, „use kanban boards” and the like, without the real understanding of what makes an organization agile – building a mindset that spans across all layers of an organization to get the most out of the creative force of their employees.

Whether we plan to make the transition to agile for our organization or just want to understand our clients who use it, the first step is to get a good grip of the mindset itself. This one-day workshop focuses on that, providing participants with the ability to make decisions about projects – whether they are suited to be run in an agile way or not, to see what changes are needed in the organization to harness the power of agile, and to guide them taking the first steps towards a transition to a fully agile approach.

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  • Objectives and advantages
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Best suited for:

  • business decision makers
  • functional managers
  • project managers
  • business analysts

Objectives and Benefits

A host of questions and misconceptions cloud the word „agile”, and this one-day session clears up a decent collection of those, to help participants decide what benefit could be realized when introducing it, and how to make the first steps.

  • Is it really the most suitable method for a chaotic organization?
  • Will it make the delivery of new products quicker?
  • Is it a collection of tools and techniques that we can introduce gradually?
  • What are the preconditions, and how to choose a project to get it started?
  • Is it necessary to change the organizational structure for it to work?


  • The predictive-adaptive scale and usability of the methods
  • The agile mindset and the preconditions to introduce it
  • Content management, rituals and artifacts in agile
  • Organizational implications and a case study of a transition

Date and place

13-14 December 2021

Contact Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645 | about organising this course in-house!

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Please contact Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645 | if you have any questions about this training course.