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Process Management


A four-day workshop; covers the methods, diagnostics and tools for optimizing and modelling production and service processes.

The workshop, which includes a simulation game, aims at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing business processes.
The entire program is divided into two distinct parts: MODELING and OPTIMIZATION.


After completing the MODELING workshop the participants will be able to:
  • Put the learnt concept of process management into practice
  • Use the process mapping and measuring tools
  • Identify processes being part of the operation of their enterprise
  • Evaluate and improve existing processes
After completing the OPTIMIZATION workshop the participants will be able to:
  • Implement and put into practice the Deming PDCA cycle in their business environment
  • Improve existing processes in their organisations, taking into account the effectiveness and savings provided by ‘process thinking’
  • Concentrate on the value of final product or provided service, by reducing and eliminating all factors which delay, impede or make the value generating process more expensive 
The entire training provides an added value, namely supplementary tools.
Participation in both workshops enables to obtain a KAIZEN Facilitator certificate.

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