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Process Management - 2-day course in English

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Course overview

Have you ever encountered a situation where a company you worked for faced very serious quality issues with the services provided and you could not tell what the root cause of the problem was? Moreover, you knew that everybody was doing the right thing and all were committed towards the work performed. And yet, the customer satisfaction rate was going steadily down despite the company having excellent key performance indicators (KPI). 

The goal of this course is to provide participants with comprehensive tools and knowledge enabling them to turn-around the company towards process and quality excellence. Based on long and practical experiences, we have created a unique solution that combines aspects of strategic management, process engineering, cultural change, team management and the performance metric system. Participants will be inspired to live a more intentional and goal orientated business life instead of just being reactive and counter-productive.

During the workshop, the participants, working in small groups, will learn how to implement the content (knowledge & tools) presented by the trainer in their own company environment. The content of the workshop will be unfolded gradually, allowing participants to assimilate its practical application in the future in real life situations.

Target group

We would like to invite individuals who wish to improve their management skills related to the field of process management, in particular: directors, managers and specialists interested or involved in business process transformation, business process optimization and process excellence. We also would like to invite any individuals who are involved in implementing new processes or monitoring existing ones in their enterprises.

Course objectives

Course participants will develop skills to enable them to: 
  • Design and implement the process value creation streams in their company 
  • Integrate the performance goals and metric system in their company 
  • Implement the effective process management principles in their company  
  • Redesign and optimize the key processes in their company


The classes are conducted in an interactive form. During the workshop we use various training methods, we present cases, provide individual and group exercises, work on scenarios and simulations.

We are guided by the motto: minimum of necessary knowledge – maximum of possible abilities. Thanks to the presence of experienced individuals during classes we show how these solutions are implemented.

The programme

Business Process Management: introduction
  • Difference between process, project and task
  • Process efficiency, effectiveness and economy (3 E's)
  • Process value stream 
  • Key roles, expectations and responsibilities in process management. Process owner, process stakeholder, process  task manager and process resource
  • Is 100% quality a myth?
From Strategy to Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategy goals, critical success factors and other necessary conditions - Implementation of Intermediate  Objective Map (IO Map) in the company 
  • How to use KPI's effectively in terms of quality, productivity, time, cost and customer service
  • Economy, Efficiency, Efectiveness - Implementation of the SIPOC tool in the company 
Business Process Analysis and Optimization
  • The DMAIC Model - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control Model
  • Interference Diagram and Current Reality Tree Tools - Finding the root cause of the problem
  • As-Is Diagram - Business Process Flow Chart analysis implementation
  • Injection analysis and TO-BE Flow Chart analysis – Implementing changes and monitoring
Management by Objectives and the Control Process 
  • Management by Objectives (MBO) - planned and actual metrics in real time
  • Resource performance management - Evaluation and execution system implementation
Business Process Ongoing Improvement   
  • Business process management review system 
  • Process of the Ongoing Improvement (POOGI) - Process Knowledge Rules implementation
Q&A session