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Toyota Kata

Integrated programme to improve efficiency in processes that implements the potenitial of organization employees

In-house course only

Is the change worth it? 
  • Toyota's production system is a blueprint for many other organizations around the world. We have to remember that Toyota's system isn't only the tools that are being used by the employees. It's much more than that, it's the way of everyday procedures and actions, that are based on a different approach to realitation of tasks and the whole concept of a company, supported by its employees.
  • The key element to Toyota's system is understanding the concept of perfecting and adaptating to the ever-changing economy in which the organization functions
  • We propose a complex look at Toyota's production model based on actions of KATA, which allows for a unique way of thinking and operating based on maximizing potenial of the organization aswell as its employees
  • We offer a training program that combines effective knowlege and practice around the subject of KATA with addition of Lean Management and Leadership 
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For whom?

  • For people who manage teams 
  • Managers who manage companies and sectors
  • Kaizen Managers 
  • Lean Coordinators


Course is conducted by highly trained coaches, EY experts who have a long time business experience in introduction of projects such as Lean Managment or Theory of Constrains in companies working in multiple fields and realiznig varied business processes.

The whole course is interactive and allows for iteraction with coaches.
Choose the course best for you, depending on what certificate you want to recive:
  • Workshops - 2 days which contain workshop sessions and a simulation game illustaiting a chosen process, which engages the whole group to implement the tools they learned from KATA, improvement and coaching based on Lean
  • Individual consulting for every participant
  • Certificate

Date and location

The course is organized as a closed session (closed formula) at individual request of your organization. If you are interested, please contact course co-ordinator:

Renata Michalak | tel. 508 018 460 |

E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Renata Michalak 

Tel. 508 018 460