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Prawo pracy dla ekspatów - Polish Employment Law

- kurs w języku angielskim


22 stycznia 2020 r., Warszawa
Wrocław, Termin wkrótce

Cena szkolenia: 1050 zł netto

You come to Poland, you have been given a managerial position in the country in the heart of Europe. On the second day of the job your co-worker fails to show up at work calling and asking for a “leave on demand”. After several months you allegedly cannot refuse to give a bonus to a second employee, because it ‘is in accordance with the regulations’, and when you decide to part ways with this worker, who in your view definitely does not fit with the company, you are told that you have to give him/her your reasons for the dismissal in writing, having checked prior whether he/she is not a member of a trade union, because then you would have to ask such a trade union for approval… is everybody trying to mislead you? 

Is everybody trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of Polish regulations? If you would like to find out how to efficiently manage employees in Poland while abiding by Polish labor law and without getting crazy – come to our training!

For who?

This intensive one-day course will be conducted in English and will provide attendees with an understanding of Polish employment law.

It is recommended for directors, managers and team leaders. 

For more information please check our brochure - you can download the PDF form below.

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