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PMI-ACP® Certification Preparatory Course

Why the PMI Agile Certificed Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) Certification?

The ability to deal with complexity in several different ways, thriving on rapid change to move projects forward and the understanding of various agile ideas makes professionals sought after across small and large organizations alike. While there are many different certificates one can pursue, Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner is increasing rapidly in numbers. 
PMI is best known for its Project Management Professional (PMP®) certificate, which is one of the most valuable certificates one could acquire as a project manager, so their recent entry into the agile space was both expected and welcome. And the stats? PMI-ACP® is their fastest growing certificate, making it a very exciting prospect for professionals aiming to show their competence and experience with the agile mindset.

The course will 

  • Provide the theoretical background necessary for the exam.
  • Explain the tools and techniques backed with real-life examples to make their understanding easier, thanks to our trainer who has more than 10 years of agile experience.
  • Give you a question database with 480 questions (4 full tests) so that you can continue to prepare individually after the course.

The course is primarily aimed at: 

  • Professionals working on Agile teams
  • People from organizations considering or currently adopting Agile

PMI-ACP® Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the PMI-ACP® credential, you must meet certain educational and professional experience requirements. All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission. 

Educational Background

Secondary degree (high school diploma or global equivalent)

General Project Experience

*2,000 hours (12 months) working on project teams from the last 5 years

Agile Project Experience

1,500 hours (8 months) working on project teams using agile methodologies from the last 3 years. These hours are in addition to the 2,000 hours required in general project experience.

Training in Agile Practices

21 contact hours - must have been earned in agile practices

PMI-ACP® certification curriculum and examinations

The exam is based on the PMI-ACP® Examination Content Outline, a document developed by PMI® that details the theoretical knowledge required for the exam. The exam questions cover seven domains identified by PMI®. The three-hour test consists of 120 multiple-choice questions that are designed to measure the student’s comprehension of both the agile mindset and its tools.
Students are required by PMI® to have completed agile-specific training before applying for the exam.
The PMI-ACP® certification examination is conducted in English. It is a computer-based test operated by Prometric Test Centres. There is only one authorized examination centre in Poland and this is in Warsaw. Each test starts with a 15 minute computer tutorial. Students receive an examination score report immediately after the end of their exam.

What does EY Academy of Business offer? 

Our courses are intensive and are specially designed to help the candidate apply effective examination techniques. They usually take place over weekdays. The courses are conducted in English.
The comprehensive course materials have been specially prepared to cover the entirety of the PMI-ACP® Examination Content Outline. They include an extensive bank of questions (4 full tests, 480 questions in total) to help participants with their individual preparation.

21 contact hours are granted for attending the PMI-ACP® Programme.

Training methodology

To pass the certification examination, participants must be up to date with and fluent in a wide range of topics, demonstrate a clear understanding of the agile mindset and its tools, and be able to apply that knowledge quickly and confidently. Candidates must therefore prepare thoroughly and undertake serious study to pass the examination.
To ensure that candidates obtain maximum support and guidance, we provide an intensive modular course that covers all the topics tested in the PMI-ACP® certification exam. The course will take the form of a workshop and will facilitate effective self study. In addition, participants will have opportunities to test their knowledge through sample questions to ensure that they can apply both their knowledge and examination techniques.
The tutors are PMP® and PMI-ACP® certified, have long experience in both predictive and adaptive (Agile) methodologies and have been running preparatory courses for other PMI certificates for years. 

PMI-ACP® course outline






Agile Principles and Mindset



Value-driven Delivery



Stakeholder Engagement



Team Performance



Adaptive Planning



Problem Detection and Resolution



Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)

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