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The best trainers

Despite our trainers and consultants have business experience they did not become lecturers immediately. Every candidate has to complete an intensive training. We focus on methodical preparation, as well as an approach to conducting courses , fluent English and an ability to work with participants.

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Efficient support for development

We are focused on giving an effective support for companies in development of managers and employees. Effective, i.e. resulting in a change for an individual and business, supporting the completion of strategic plan and setting business challenges.

We acheive this by close cooperation with top management and HR, appropriate identification of development needs, recommending and implementing vaious development tools, help with building a supportive surrounding. We are pragmatic and at the same time we perceive organisation needs in a strategic and long-range manner, customize solutions to needs, have broad knowledge and business experience. 

Satisfied customers

We are proud of conducting courses for representatives of the biggest companies in Poland. Their positive opinion and reselection of our courses are the best credentials proving high quality of our offer. 

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Wide offer

Courses offered by Ernst & Young Academy of Business guarantee high quality and professionalism as a result of our experience in the field of training programmes for private companies, government institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals. Successes of our clients are our main credential.

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