Ewelina Oleska-Romaniuk – EY Academy of Business

Ewelina Oleska-Romaniuk

EY Academy of Business Trainer

Chief Accountant, Accounting and Tax Manager, ACCA (F1-F9), member of International Fiscal Association, Tax Advisor with 10 years of experience and practical knowledge in the areas of:

  • Tax, Accounting, Financial Accounting (IFRS), Financial and Operational Analysis, Reporting, Financial Modeling, Project Management,
  • leader in automation, robotics and process improvement → increasing efficiency, reducing costs, creating competitive advantage for companies,
  • building and managing motivated teams (directly 5-15 FTEs, indirectly as Project Manager ~65 FTEs),
  • Finance Business PartnerR&D departments (research, development and licensing projects), marketing, sales,
  • Industries: e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, special economic zone.


Courses conducted at EY Academy of Business: