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Transition Manager SSC

Transition Manager is a person of key importance for the development and improvement of business within SSC/BPO. As the leader of the process improvement team, he actively participates in implementing changes in a company, using key tools of statistical process analysis as well as project management and employee engagement tools.
Knowledge acquired during the workshop is based on internationally used and recognized methodologies, developed by major research institutes and colleges as well as on their long-term implementation practice. It is also supported by advanced psychological tools helping to improve the manager’s professional skills. The workshop’s participants will be equipped with a full set of tools, forms and practical examples so that they can immediately start implementing changes in the processes.

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  • Programme
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Objectives and advantages

After completing the training its participants will:
  • know all available methodologies of carrying out projects used for business optimization and transfer of processes in SSC/BPO
  • know tools used to carry out large projects intended for standardization and centralization of SSC/BPO processes
  • be able to map and measure business processes in preparation for standardization, improvement and migration to SSC
  • be able to prepare processes from which to start improvements as well as indicate areas for change in each process
  • be able to identify factors that may impede the achievement of project goals during the migration of SSC processes
  • know how to build employee involvement and influence the team effectiveness through their own actions


  • Day I
    • Principles of an effective Transition Manager
    • Defining the project and specifying the scope
    • WBS and scheduling in transfer
    • centralization and standardization of SSC / BPO
    • Process Team composition and communication plan
    • Project risk assurance
    • Change management in the team SSC / BPO
    • Process management and Lean Six Sigma toolkit
    • Standardization of processes and description
    • Process pyramid and process mapping
    • Dashboards and the SPC system
    • Process optimization tools
  • Day II
    • Process and process work or rules for creating a project team – natural stages and phases of team development
    • Recognizing phases and managing tasks and team members at particular stages of processes transition
    • Diagnosing team dysfunctions – recognising and coping with five dysfunctions
    • Behavioral styles and diversity management – choosing team members and leading the team to achieve goals
    • Managing multi-generational teams
    • Why changes are necessary and how to cope with various employee attitudes towards changes
    • The best moment to announce a change – manners of announcing it and persons who should do it
    • How to speak to be heard and how to listen to hear – the role of communication in team management
    • Why managing employee experiences is crucial in project work 
    • Ways in which the transition manager may shape team standards and values
    • Ways in which the transition manager may influence the level of involvement in team members

Date and location

This course is planned for:

11-12 October | On-site or Online Live

This course is delivered in Polish. Please contact us about organising this in-house or in English.

Price 1850.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Monika Kacprzykowska
Mobile. +48 789 407 575