Trainer Bartosz Stawski – EY Academy of Business

Bartosz Stawski

A specialist in Thinking Tools in management, a practitioner of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Innovative Problem Solving based on behavioural economics. Trainer at EY Academy of Business

An "extreme pragmatist" by profession, his motto is: "learn HOW to think in order to know WHAT to think."

Bartek specializes in the subject of so-called Thinking Tools and their application in the field of management. He is an expert in the application of the tools of the Theory of Constraints in the field of strategy and marketing (Mafia Offer), innovative thinking tools for new product development and innovative problem solving based on the knowledge of behavioral economics. He is a partner at Goldratt CZ, responsible for Poland, and was the Polish representative of Systematic Inventive Thinking® for innovation thought processes. He teaches at the Global Leaders Institute for Arts Innovation in Washington, DC (MBA in cultural innovation in cooperation with Harvard University).

He has carried out consulting projects in Poland and in the US, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia and Chile.

Bartek is a graduate of the Institute of Linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland (specializing in practical rhetoric and communication). He has trained in the UK, Sweden, Israel and the Czech Republic.


Selected projects:

1. Building a culture of innovation as part of the FutureOn program at PZU SA

2. Developing innovative solutions to increase access to education for children and youth in the Lakes Region of Patagonia (Chile)

3. Preparing innovation leaders at Phillip Morris International to operate independently