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ABSL Summit 2021

Beyond tomorrow. Building a sustainable future. People. Business. Technology.

14-15.09.2021 | Gdańsk

The annual ABSL conference is a platform for the exchange of ideas and a meeting place for business, political and economic leaders.
The highlight of the program is the presentation of a world-renowned speaker, inspiring visionary and internationally recognized.
The varied program includes events such as: roundtable sessions with world leaders, as well as presentations, reports and analyzes with the participation of experts. ABSL Summit participants share a sense of responsibility for a common future.
ABSL Summit 2021 is:
  • 2 days - knowledge exchange and networking
  • Top media - including TOK FM, Rzeczpospolita, Puls Biznesu, Forbes, Business Insider
  • Participants - business leaders, experts and representatives of central and local government authorities
  • Global trends - new ideas, breakthrough technologies and the future of business
  • Agenda - panel discussions, inspiring case studies and insightful presentations
  • Speakers - 44% of all speakers were women
  • The largest companies - representatives of companies from the Fortune 500 list
  • Public administration - representatives of central and local authorities
Register for the event on the website and find out:
  • Why is sustainable development so important to economic recovery from the pandemic?
  • What steps should be taken in the business environment to guarantee sustainable development?
We are waiting for you! See you in Gdańsk!

Attention! Competition results - information about the award

During ABSL Summit 2021 in Gdańsk, we invited its participants to take part in the competition. It consisted in writing an opinion on the possible directions of development of automation and robotization in organizations.
The opinion sent by Ms Małgorzata Sowa-Głodek turned out to be the most interesting.
Ms. Małgorzata receives a voucher from us for participation in the training on the offer of courses dedicated to the SSC sector.
Congratulations and we invite you to collect the award!

Courses listed above will be delivered in Polish. Contest rules >>here<<.