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Free webinars

Access to free webinars streamed in real time and past recordings - have a look below!  

If you’re working from home, on a business trip or on holiday, you can still train and develop your skills with EY Academy of Business.

Join us from wherever you are in the world!

Here is a list of our planned free webinars:

  • ACCA Strategic Business Reporting - how to prepare for the exam? [Webinar in English] >>Register

    • 3 April 2020, 15.00-16.00 CET
    • for any future ACCA student, who wants to pass their Strategic Business Reporting exam on their first attempt
  • What do financial statements tell us about a company? [Webinar in Polish] >> Register 

    • 24 April 2020, 11:00-12:30 CET
    • For professionals without a finance background who need to use and interpret financial statements as well as make decisions based on this in their everyday work
  • Budget deviations controlled and uncontrolled by budget owners. [Webinar in Polish] >> Register 

    • 22 April 2020, 14:00-15:30 CET
    • For Finance Managers, Finance Directors, CEOs, and anyone who applies the budgeting process

Also available immediately is our free budgeting email course in English – a guide to how you can transform your budgetary process delivered over six days by daily email direct to your inbox:

  • Start transforming your budgetary process [email course in English] >> Register - and practise your English!

    • This email course is divided into six emails and it will show you how our tried, tested and loved training methodologies will help you understand the budgeting process and transform your planning and company finances.

We also encourage you to register for our past webinar recordings. Find the topic for you:

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