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EY Response – answer to your need for development

Build a team ready for the future!

EY Response is a solution that prioritizes your, your team’s and your organization’s development taking into account diverse and individual needs. It offers a personalized approach in the selection of areas and topics to support the development of knowledge and competencies.

Our proposal is a flexible subscription that gives you access to more than 400 classroom courses, online courses, conferences and e-learning courses – the broadest and most diverse offer of open training courses on the market.

We support business leaders

We support business leaders

Diverse offer, individual development

Diverse offer, individual development

Focus on results and change

Focus on results and change

Recognized experts and practitioners

Recognized experts and practitioners

Experience of a global organization

Experience of a global organization

Your needs, our answer

1. Diverse and individual needs of Employees → The widest and most comprehensive offer of open courses on the market, together with a proprietary e-learning platform and a growing range of thematic conferences.

2. Effective courses that changes attitudes → Results-oriented – we support the change in attitude of Employees after the course.

3. High quality knowledge and experience → Workshops with outstanding experts and personalities – support and advice using the latest tools.

4. Course formula tailored to the individual needs of participants → Innovative solutions – a variety of participation formulas: classroom, online, hybrid, blended, e-learning.

5. Training budget optimization → You buy more for less – we enable you to train more Employees with a smaller budget.

6. Assistance in the selection of training courses for a specific Employee → Individual counselors – who will help you in the appropriate selection of training courses.

  • You pay a minimum of PLN 20,000 until January 15, 2024
  • You receive a 20% discount on EY Academy’s full range of open training courses, conferences, e-learning until June 30, 2024
  • You benefit from additional values:
    • A counselor dedicated to your company in the implementation of our cooperation
    • Periodic reports on participants and topics, as well as surveys to check their satisfaction level
    • Support in understanding how to use the funds
    • Priority enrollment in limited training courses
  • Sign a master agreement with us
  • Meet with an EY Academy counselor
  • Together, let’s tailor the best solutions to help you, your team and your organization grow and succeed

You can find the full offer of open training courses along with their schedule on our website:

Buy a Voucher and use the discount for open training courses, conferences and e-learning courses in the next 12 months

  • PLN 20 000 – 7% discount
  • PLN 50 000 – 10% discount
  • PLN 100 000 – 15% discount
  • Over PLN 150 000 – 20% discount

During EY Academy special promotions discounts do not combine, you choose the more favorable offer.

Together let’s build a better working world by developing the knowledge and competencies of employees on your way to success.


EY Academy of Business in numbers

  • 200 organizations – which we train annually – corporations, private companies, the BPO/SSC sector and the state sector
  • 13,000 professionals – whom we train through our dedicated in-house programs and open training courses
  • 400 programs and courses – available in our comprehensive offer
  • 200 trainers – recognized experts who efficiently share knowledge with our trainees

Our goals and values

We are a leading company in the Polish market providing solutions for education and development programs.

Our mission is to help build a better working world by helping professionals and organizations grow and succeed, especially now, in a rapidly changing environment.

Our values define who we are:

  • People who demonstrate integrity, respect, teamwork and openness
  • People full of energy, enthusiasm and courage to take responsibility for the changes we make
  • People who build relationships based on doing the right thing

We are an integral part of one of the world’s most trusted professional services organizations – EY.

EY Response – better competencies, a better working world

We provide support every step of the way to gain professional knowledge and world-class qualifications.

We offer:

  • Proprietary, multi-stage development programs
  • Short and practical workshops in specific subject areas
  • Programs conducted around the world and in multiple languages
  • Cooperation with renowned Polish universities and business schools in the delivery of graduate and postgraduate studies

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